Quick Hit Wednesday: Condo – Best of Luck

1 10 2008

No time for a real review, but I am currently majorly digging on Condo’s third album Best of Luck, which is due to be released on October 14th on Rock Park Records. I found their press release a bit funny, as it describes them as “channeling the cool glare of Bauhaus and the Fall with the playfulness of Siouxsie and the Banshees.” The front cover compares them to Jarvis Cocker/Pulp.

Uh, no. Try again.

Condo aren’t innovative or new, and despite their current residency in New York City they are squarely, squarely in the “Britrock” genre of music (their lead singer is British). Think The Editors mixed with a smidge of James, nothing so edgy as Siouxsie. “Judge of That” is the epitome of this 90s throwback sound:

Download Judge of That

Still, the guitars get pretty hard at points on the album, something else I appreciate. The twee-pop standard of a boy-girl duet (ergh; come on? seriously? are we not past that?) turns dark and un-twee on “Left at the Lights,” which starts off sort of boring but picks up around the middle.

In short, Best of Luck isn’t an album that will change your life, but I always like to give a shoutout – however brief – to those doing rock music and doing it well, and the points Condo lose for trying to be trendy (and succeeding – 10 years ago), they gain by being great musicians. Check it out.




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